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ViraDERM Kit

Treatment of chronic wounds resulting from trauma, diabetes, infections, blood vessel disorders and sustained external compression remains challenging. With increasing incidence and growing prevalence of lifestyle-related disorders, chronic wounds have become a serious global health issue, causing an enormous financial burden on healthcare systems worldwide.

Unfortunately, current treatment modalities act slowly and have limited success. In this regard, ViraDERM kit by creating a stem cell suspension from a small skin sample of the patient’s own skin is able to treat chronic wounds that are caused by various causes such as diabetes, infection, etc. in a shorter time than conventional methods. The kit prepared suspension under 40 minutes. There is no need to professional stuffs and clean room.

Burns, is a type of skin or tissue injury that can be caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, friction, or radiation, take many lives each year around the world. Especially in Iran, times the global standard of burns occurs and the death rate from burns in Iran is twice the global average.

For the treatment of burns, research has shown that stem cells heal the burn wounds quicker and improve wound healing, but cell culture and isolation have limitations and cell preparation takes several days. On the other hand, ViraDERM kit is able to make a cell suspension from the patient’s own skin under the 40 minutes, and spray it, on the wound bed.